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Hronic.ro - Web&Game development

Marius Bucur gallery: images illustrating web development (Maxsold, YouBidLocal, Kratz, FashionNL), Blender model, texture and render, GIMP hand painted flower, game & simulation development with Unity3D

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I am interested in game development and web development. I am a proffesional web developer and amateur game developer. I have several projects in work (one is this site hronic.ro).

The first image wich I prise it very much, is a render in Blender for a beer mug, done a very log time ago.

Game Development: Then is an image from a game project, called at that time Age of Prosperity (though this is not final name). You can see a test for pathfiding and road creation at runtime here. Exception of animated models and houses, everything else is done by me.

Game Development: The next image is an endless running level from a game. You can play it here

Web Development: the sites presented here are Maxsold, YouBidLocal are made with the use of php/mysql/javascript/css. Maxsold have an indexing system for millions of records to allow for faster search and use an in-house cms. Youbidlocal is developed over MVC using Codeigniter.There is also a wordpress site customized to client needs Kratz

Game Development: Next is a short tech demo, for placing furniture, a proposal for a client who give up the idea. You can play with it here. This was made also with Unity3D.

Game Development: the next pictures represent an interactive 3D learning tool for home construction builders. You can see a demo here

Game Development: AutoDrom 1 is a 3D representation of a race track, yet to be build near Bucharest autodrom. This was made also with Unity3D.

Game Development: Autumn is a scene to exemplify falling leafs, to which I added the song of Nicu Alifantis "Emotie de toamna". You can see it here. This was made also with Unity3D.

Next is a screenshot showing my attempts of texturing in Blender using internal texture painting of Blender.

The flower is an attempt to do hand painting in GIMP. I've use a real image as reference.

Contact here